ARCEN STUDIO - Architecture Engineering

About us

The company

ARCEN is based and mainly operates in Lesvos Island in the North Aegean Sea. We undertake complex architectural projects and residential and commercial premises.

At ARCEN we know that acquiring a property is a complex process. We provide legal services, building design, building renovation or re-designing, gardening and landscape design, pool constructions and subsequent maintenance, issues that the prospective buyer, a private or an entrepreneur is called to face.

At ARCEN we carry out all the necessary procedures for obtaining a house or a business building (turn-key projects).

Philosophy- Procedure

- Finding the building

ARCEN's executive coordinator, after the first private consultation, makes a detailed record with the client's standards and special requirements and forms the plan so as to achieve the optimal solution, which ensures the best possible uses for homes or commercial and retail spaces.
The second step is various proposals after a market research in order to identify the solutions that meet the client's needs and specifications.
The client makes the final decision having full coverage and support, both in technical and legal sectors.

- Property acquirement procedure

ARCEN applies full procedure implementation for the acquisition of the property, the deeds, the tax technical issues and transactions and every other service required to complete the purchase.

- Case study

ARCEN's design department takes over. The outer shell architecture of the selected building is studied and takes under consideration if renovation is needed or an architectural design from the outset. At the same time ARCEN's interior design department and landscape department make up their respective case studies. The design department undertakes also the planning permission process editing depending on the nature of the needed construction works.

- Construction

ARCEN's construction department takes over and undertakes not only the construction, renovation construction, landscaping and pool construction, but also the manufacturing and supplying of furniture. ARCEN will carry out the construction in strict accordance with the timetable and financial plan that was originally agreed with the client.

- Maintenance

ARCEN undertakes the maintenance of all the facilities installed (buildings, gardens and pools).

The client-centered approach, the consistency in every phase, the innovative design and manufacturing techniques, the respect of the Greek landscape are the main pillars of ARCEN's philosophy, covering all needs, desires and aesthetic searches of our customers.